If you have an inspiring story, a purpose focused perspective, or a new way of pursuing the purpose or people side of society or business, we would love to hear about it.

Here’s what we’re looking for:

  1. Purpose or people alignment.
  2. Expertise. You must know a lot about your topic.
  3. Evidence. It’s not enough to have an opinion about something. Demonstrate your knowledge by citing research or including relevant examples. These need to support the points in your proposed article.
  4. Relevance and Usefulness. Does the post make a unique or uncommon point about leadership, business, etc? If you’re writing about a well-worn topic, you will need to find something completely new and unheard of to share.
  5. Readability. Capture attention immediately with a compelling opening that encourages readers to invest their time to read your article. Make your thinking clear so that readers can gain new insights about your topic. When appropriate, which should be often, make it easy for readers to apply the message to their world.

Some pointers on what we tend to like:

  • Posts that explore purpose-focused and/or social leadership
  • Posts that explore leadership development
  • Posts that follow the approach of purpose, people and profits
  • Messages that are not morally neutral
  • Posts that are not opinion pieces, but informative backed with research and/or relevant examples
  • Controversy can be a wonderful thing when positioned thoughtfully

Upon acceptance of your post, we will:

  • Edit your post. Please note that we’ll only return the post to you if we believe the post needs additional work before it can be published.
  • Please add a title to your post. We do make the final decision about the title, however. We see hundreds of post a month and have learned what titles will resonate with readers
  • To keep in line with our branded look, we’ll supply an image for all posts – written or video.

Generally, our review time is around 2-4 weeks. This means it will likely take our editorial team 2-4 weeks to begin reviewing your article. Once the article is reviewed, one of our editors will be in touch with revisions or date of publication. Feel free to check in, but know that you’re looking around 2-4 weeks before you hear back.

If you have any further questions, please contact us. If you would like to submit your information/article for consideration please click here.