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Author: Mark Lukens

The Productive Manager’s Guide To The Holiday Season Slump

The holiday season provides both opportunities and dangers for employee engagement. Excitement and distraction can get in the way of work, but festive fun can be a great way to bond people together. Here are some tips for achieving the best employee engagement this holiday season. Think Before Enforcing Rules Terry Pratchett once wrote “rules are there so that you think before you break them”. That’s especially true on special occasions. Maybe you have a rule that every team needs to have someone present throughout business hours in case there’s an enquiry. But are your B2B sales team really...

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6 Things Strong Leaders Don’t Do

6 Things Strong Leaders Don’t Do A lot of the time, we picture strong leadership in the wrong way. We think of it as macho posturing, using an assertive voice, or making commands and refusing to be moved from them. In reality, strong leaders are like trees buffeted by a storm – they bend as the wind pushes them, but they remain firm in what makes them who they are. Part of that firmness is not falling into these six traps… They Don’t Shy Away From Change Change is difficult. Whether you’re a kid starting a new school or...

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10 Ways to Make an Emotionally Positive Workplace

An Emotionally Positive Workplace Emotions are great for work. If people are allowed to bring their feelings into the workplace then their passion will show, engagement will rise, and you’ll free up the energy that might otherwise be spent on repressing those feelings. But negative emotions can be a huge problem, creating a toxic atmosphere filled with anger and distrust. So how can you encourage emotional expression in the workplace while preventing the negatives from taking over? Develop Emotional Intelligence A key tool for anyone in leadership, emotional intelligence is the ability to recognize and understand the emotions of...

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5 Steps to Build a Better Leadership Career Today

Build a Better Leadership Career Starting Today Building a career in leadership isn’t easy. Building a career in leadership that suits you, that plays to your strengths and interests, that keeps you constantly interested and lets you progress to the best of your potential, that’s even tougher. These five steps will help you to build a better leadership career – one that’s more fulfilling for you, and more likely to lead to success. Only Shoot for the Goals You Really Want Applying for a job that you aren’t suited to isn’t just a waste of the recruiter’s time and...

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Flexible Working – the Key to Social Business

For a socially responsible business, flexible working isn’t just nice to have – it’s a vital part of using work to make the world a better place. Social responsibility starts at home, and unless you treat your employees right then everything else is just an add-on. Setting the Tone for the World We Live In One reason why flexible working is so important to a social business is that it sends a message about how you view the world. Social businesses are about connecting together profits with what’s good for people. Human and environmental well-being don’t get sacrificed on...

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