To succeed in the life, the first thing you should do is stand up to your own timidity. Be bold. Bold enough to be different. Bold enough to challenge assumptions and the status quo. Bold enough to be yourself.

Be bold.

Bold enough to be inspiring

Think of the people who really inspire you. Are they the ones who work away timidly in their corner, doing the same thing they’ve always done? Or are they the people brave enough to let their true character show, to share their personality and their ideas, to risk criticism in order to be heard.

Being bold doesn’t just mean shouting about the ideas you already have. It means being brave enough to open your mind and consider new ideas of your own. To think new and unexpected things, to explore the paths less trodden, whether they’re through the woods or through the intellectual business or design and planning. Coming up with bold new ideas is a self-perpetuating process. It trains your brain to be creative, to be original, to be bolder than ever before.

Bold enough to be a leader

Real leaders, the people we follow because we want to rather than because we have to, are the ones bold enough not just to seize their moment but to make it.

Think of the leaders who you trust, who you would follow to the gates of Hell, or at least to the end of a long, arduous project. Are they the ones who accept things as they already are? Or are they the ones with the courage to stand up to the status quo, to point at the world as it is and say ‘this could be better’?

It’s not easy to stand up for your own agenda in the face of opposition and inertia. It’s not easy to take charge when people are just drifting along. It takes boldness and force of will. But if you do it then others will follow. You won’t just be leading, you’ll be shaping the world into something finer.

Bold enough to be happy

Most of all, being bold is the key to being happy in yourself.

Reflect for a moment on how you feel when you don’t stand by what you believe in. When you silence your own opinion in the face of others. When you accept working conditions that don’t really suit you, or watch in silence as others fight the fights that matter.

If you’re not bold then you won’t live the life that you want, you’ll live the life others want for you. Living others’ values, others interests, others’ pleasures is a sure way to run up against the barriers in your own mind, to find yourself constantly discontented no matter the promotions or the pay rises.

So be bold enough to choose a path that suits you, and to be yourself whatever the situation.

Bold enough to be the best that you can

None of us are at our best when bent to the methods and agendas of others, or when hiding from the challenges life throws our way. So be bold and be the best that you can.

Image Credit: michaeldb / 123RF Stock Photo