Innovating the talent brand

One of the responses provided by Deloitte to the challenge of an open talent economy is the need for more innovation in managing a company’s talent brand. Skilled individuals are seeking out more control over their working conditions and increasingly work as independent contractors and freelancers rather than full time employees. Companies no longer have the control they had when talent management was all about direct employment, so persuasion takes the place of control. If those skilled individuals are not working for you, they will be working for your competitors, making it doubly important that you attract them. So creating and maintaining a talent brand, a clear sense of what the organization represents as an employer and how appealing this is, is important in bringing talent on board.

In essence, companies must now sell themselves to potential employees as well as vice versa. A clear sense of the employer’s brand becomes vital, and it must connect into the wider corporate brand to avoid the appearance of inconsistency or insincerity. This also creates opportunities for direct sourcing of talent, recruiting through the company’s website and social media rather than agencies.

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